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There are a limited number of spaces available for weekly announcements. 

Please be as detailed as possible.  Incomplete forms will be returned for completion.

Special requests may be made, but are subject to pastoral approval.


Requests are reviewed and approved on Tuesday at 9am.  Please send forms to  (announcements@firstag.org) no later than Monday at 4:30pm. Any announcements submitted after this time will be postponed until the following week.


Name of person making announcement request: 

Email of person making announcement request: 

Ministry name: 

Announcement title: 

Dates for the announcement to run: 

Is a sign-up sheet needed at First Look? Yes:   No: 

Is a sign-up sheet provided at First Look? Yes:   No: 
(If no, please give
exact information on sign up sheet.) 

Sign-up for all events will take place at first Look, unless approval for a table in the lobby is given. Requests for a table should be made in writing at the bottom of this sheet. There will be no sign-up sheets placed at the Connections counter.

If this is a Life Group, who is the teacher: 

What is this event (brief explanation: 

What room does this event take place in:
(Room requests must be filled out and approved prior to submitting an announcement request)

What is the date and time this event takes place: 

Announcement Script Content:
Please use this space to describe EXACTLY what details you would like to be read in bulletin and spoken on the video announcements.

Note: Only 280 characters are allowed per announcement.