Date Night 
Want a date night on Valentines weekend? Go enjoy a night away from the kids as Student Ministries, and experienced adults at First Assembly will be on hand  for an exciting night of
Pizza & Pajamas
With your kids. Bring your sleeping bag and pillow!

February 15th
6:30 - 10:00pm

Your kids (6 weeks to 5th Grade) will enjoy a Pajama party with Pizza, Games, Crafts,
Face painting, Balloons, Bounce House, Zip Line, Bible Lesson,
and Movies (Veggie Tales/Brave)

All proceeds go to help the Student Ministries raise money for Speed The Light.
Please fill out the form below so we know who is attending.

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$15 per child (1-2 kids) / $40 per family (3+ kids)
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