• Christmas Benevolence Fund - the $15,000 allocated for this part of the offering will be used to assist those in our congregation with needs throughout 2016.
  • Reaching Unreached People Groups - with $50,000 we are going to help 5 entrepreneurial missionaries take the Gospel where no one has taken it.  We are going to Pemba, Tanzania, an island of 500,000 Muslims with less than 50 believers and starting an English school.  We are going to Alexandria, Egypt and starting a Cross Fit gym. We are going to Eastleigh in Nairobi, Kenya and helping to expand an English school, a primary school and a medical clinic there to reach out to Somali refugees. We are going to Oman and starting a tourist company that will work with two different unreached people groups from Oman and Yemen.  And lastly, we are going to Tripoli, Libya, into ISIS’s back yard and starting an English school there.

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