• Christmas Benevolence Fund - the $15,000 allocated for this part of the offering will be used to assist those in our congregation with needs throughout 2015.
  • Obstacles and Opportunities Fund - every year, there are things that come up that are unexpected and unbudgeted and through the Christmas Offering you can help put $10,000 aside to offset the impact of these situations.
  • Project in African country of Chad - with $40,000 we can fund 10 Church Planting Missionaries to complete 1-3 years of Bible College, provide each missionary a plot of land, a house that will serve as their first church, and the resources necessary to farm the land in order to become self-sustaining in their ministry.  This is a part of the world that is dominated by Islam and we can help reach over 75 unreached people groups in this African country through our giving.

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